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Infants 'n More believes in educaring its infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. A combination of education and quality care will be extended to all children. The whole child will be acknowledged by applying developmentally appropriate practices that stimulate infants and toddlers. Infants 'n More will encourage social/emotional development, physical development (gross motor skills and fine motor skills), cognitive development, and language development.


Sensory stimulation activities are important for all infants and more crucial for babies with disabilities or who have experienced challenging births. Our youngest babies will be presented with bold black and white patterns to stimulate vision. Various shapes, cards, and other paper designs will be presented to babies to help eyes grow strong.

Rattles, bright toys, mirrors, music, nursery rhymes, story time, and stroller walks will also be available to our young babies. Babies will explore by creating handprints with non-toxic paints and begin simple art projects.

Gross motor development to encourage pushing up and rolling over will be introduced. Tummy time will be a part of everyday activities for infants. Cognitive and fine motor skills will be taught by exposure to developmentally appropriate toys and activities.


Our toddlers will participate in singing, circle time, body movement, nursery rhymes, story time, arts & crafts, outdoor fun, sing-a-longs, weekly themed activities, color and shape recognition, puzzle time, and more!

Toddlers will have access to many interest areas, which will provide an opportunity for learning, creativity, and overall development. The toddler environment will include block play, dramatic play, toys and games, art, music, and a library area. These activities promote healthy development and social interaction within the classroom.


Our preschool environment will include sensory activities, science, block play, art, computers, music, and library. We will, of course, incorporate free play into the children's daily routine as children learn through play. Our goal is to prepare your child for the next step in their future by helping them develop/hone their fine motor, gross motor, social, cognitive, language, and basic math skills. Some ways in which we will incorporate teaching these skills include circle time, practicing cutting with scissors, tracing shapes, using flash cards, counting, introducing the alphabet, and allowing them to use a computer to participate in educational games.

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