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About Us


Infants 'n More is the best choice!

When looking for infant daycare, anyone from this area knows it is highly competitive and the search starts early. We met and toured several other facilities, but kept coming back to Infants 'n More because of the first impression that they made on us. Friendly, professional, accomodating, and clean and safe were the top 5 traits we were looking for and we found them all here. We had our name on Infants 'n More waiting list since I was 6 months pregnant, even though we did not need care until our child was 6 months old. I frequently communicated with the owner, Danielle Blanding, during our wait time for our daughter to be born. Danielle was always very quick about answering my many emails and sought to ease any and all anxieties that we had about sending our first born to daycare. We were encouraged to bring our child in before she even started, in order to meet the staff and feel more comfortable.

We chose a daycare center because of the strict rules and regulations and we can say that Infants 'n More did not disappoint. As a more type "A" parent, I wanted more accountability and structure than most places could offer. We appreciated the daily feedback forms about every and anything our child did during the day. Staff were quick to notice any change in our child's behavior or point out any inconsistencies in her routine. We also liked that the staff were consistent and warm and made us feel like they cared as well for our child as we do. We particulary enjoyed having video access to our child during our work day, just to check up on her. As a first time parent, I can happily say that I only called the center one time to check on her, on our child's first day, and never then after.

Our daughter attended Infants 'n More for approx. 4 months before our own life changes forced us to pull her out of daycare for the time being. With that said, the owner was completely understanding and sympathetic and both the owner and director worked hard with us in trying to keep our daughter there. In just four months there, our daughter has become a queen bee at socialization, thrives on routine and schedule, and is one of the most well adjusted babies I have ever seen. We are sad that for the time being, our daughter is not in daycare there, but very happy to know what when life changes, she will return right back to Infants 'n More.


My husband and I searched for a daycare for months...we interviewed many places and found only Infants n More to be the most comforting for us to leave our precious child in. We enrolled our daughter in and were extremely happy with the staff, and the enviornment. The staff is very caring, attentive and loving towards all of the kids. We were always impressed. About six months later, we made a mistake of wanting to find another daycare due to the long drive...(the drive was taking a toll on us), it was a hard decision to make to leave...we did and two weeks later we were back at Infants n More. We were never comfortable with the other daycare, we found them unprofessional and not attentive, nothing like the staff at Infants n More....we would never make that mistake again. The peace of mind that we have with Infants n More is well worth the drive. In my opinion, other daycares should learn from Infants n More, since I would rate them the best in MD!

So Happy we found Infants N More

We love Infant's "n More. They give your child the personal experience of in home care in a formal daycare setting. They have a great curriculum, my child comes home everyday with something new that they have learned. They are not rigid , they personalize the curriculm to your child so that your childs individual needs are met. Their classes sizes are small enough so that the child has personal attention but large enough so they know how they operate in a group of children. The director and the owner are always accessible and quick to address your needs.

Caring, Happy Environment

This was the first and only daycare we visited while we were pregnant! We are so pleased with the care our 9 month old son receives at Infants N' More. We like watching him on Kid Vision while we are at work.

Best Daycare on Planet

This is the best daycare for the money that you will ever find. We drive from dundalk to kingsville because this place is the best. They have real time video feed on the web for parents and they will do just about anything for our son. Our son is our first and only blessing. We only trust family and the wonderful owner and her caring staff at Infants n More to watch after him. Give them call and visit, you will love it.


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